৳ 3,000.00

      • Note: For 1 Years Warranty- 3,000tk
      • Availability: In stock
      • Brand- ASUS
      • Battery Type: Li-Ion
      • Capacity: 38Wh
      • Voltage: 7.6V
      • Color: Black
      • The condition of the product: New
      • Warranty: 3 Months


      • following models:
      • X456, X456UA, X456UA-1A, X456UA-1B, X456UA-1C, X456UA-3G, X456UA-WX006T, X456UA-WX015T, X456UA-WX016,
      • X456UA-WX121T, X456UB, X456UB-1A, X456UB-1B, X456UB-1C, X456UB-WX009T, X456UB-WX010T, X456UF, X456UF-1A,
      • X456UF-1B, X456UF-1C, X456UF-3F, X456UF-WX012, X456UF-WX057T, X456UJ, X456UJ-1A, X456UJ-1B, X456UJ-1C,
      • X456UJ-3F, X456UJ-3G, X456UJ-BS71-CB, X456UQ, X456UQ-1A, X456UQ-1B, X456UQ-1C, X456UQ-3F, X456UQ-3G,
      • X456UQ-GA055T, X456UQ-GA060T, X456UQ-WX005T, X456UQ-WX016T, X456UQ-WX034T, X456UR, X456UR-1A, X456UR-1B,
      • X456UR-1C, X456UR-3F, X456UR-3G, X456UR-FA159D, X456UR-FA180D, X456UR-GA114T, X456UR-GA154D, X456UV,
      • X456UV-1A, X456UV-1B, X456UV-1C, X456UV-3F, X456UV-3G, X456UV-BB71-CB, X456UV-GA050T, X456UV-GA063TA
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