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Note: For 1 Years Warranty- 3,700tk
Key Features
Model: C21N1818-1
Availability: In stock
Voltage: 7.7 Volts
The condition of the product: New
Color: Black
Type: Li-ion
warranty: 3 Month

Compatible P/N: C21N1818-1 0B200-03190800 2ICP7/54/83 M929-03KF( Note :There are two battery type: C21N1818 and C21N1818-1.
Please check your laptop’s original battery before placing the order. These listing sells is C21N1818-1).

Compatible Laptop Models: For ASUS VivoBook 15 F512DA F512FA F512FB F512FJ F512FL F512FL-BQ076T F512JA F512JA-AS34
F512JP F512UA; Vivobook 15 X512DA X512DA-BR7N4 X512DK X512FA X512FB X512FJ X512FL X512JA X512JF X512JP X512UB
X512UA X512UF; VivoBook 15 R564DA R564FA R564JA R564JA-UH51T; VivoBook K512FA; VivoBook S512DK S512FA S512FB
S512FL S512UA; VivoBook A512FA A512FB A512FL A512JA A512UF A512JP A512UA .

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