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  • Brand: HP
    Model: SD06XL
    Availability: In stock
    Capacity: 70.91Wh
    Voltage: 11.55V
    The condition of the product: New
    Color: Black
    Type: Li-ion
    warranty: 1 Years
  • Replacement Part Number:
    SD06XL HSTNN-089U HSTNN-DB9U HSTNN-OB1R L84356-2C1 L84357-AC1 L84392-005 L84394-005 LB4392-005 SDO6XL SD03XL
  • Compatible Machine Models:
    HP Omen 15 2020 15-EK0000 Series: 15-EK0008CA 15-EK0010CA 15-EK0018CA 15-EK0020CA
    15-EK0013DX 15-EK0023DX 15-ek0025tx 15-EK0003na 15-EK0071ng 15-EK0277ng 15-EK0456ng
    15-EK0019NR; HP Omen 15-EN 15-EN0000 Series: 15-EN0002AX 15-EN0002LA 15-EN0007AX
    15-EN0010CA 15-EN0013AX 15-EN0013DX 15-EN0014AX 15-EN0023AX 15-EN0023DX 15-EN0024AX 15-EN0025AX
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