Lenovo ThinkPad L440 T440p L540 W540 T540p 57+ 45N1769 45N1145 BATTERY ORIGINAL

৳ 3,650.00

  • Model No: L440
    Availability: In stock
    Capacity: 5200mAh
    Voltage: 10.8V
    The condition of the product: New
    Color: Black
    Type: Li-ion
    warranty: 1 Years
    45N1149 45N1158 45N1144 45N1150
    45N1151 45N1159 45N1148 45N1779
    45N1769 45N1153 45N1147 45N1145
    45N1160 45N1161 45N1146
    ThinkPad T440p ThinkPad L440 ThinkPad T440p (20AN006VGE)
    ThinkPad T440p (20AN006VGE) (20AT0019CD) ThinkPad T540P
    ThinkPad W540 ThinkPad L540 ThinkPad L440 (20AT004QGE)
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BF002VCD£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BF002FCD£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS02MCD£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA0Y300£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA0Y400£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS01M00£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS0B800£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS03F00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS01C00£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS02N00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS01L00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS03H00£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS02J00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS0BA00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA0Y200£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA0Y500£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA1AR00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS0BT00£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS0BV00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFA0YX00£© ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS07000£©
    ThinkPad T540p£¨20BFS06X00£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B7S0PM0A£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B7S1AA0H£©
    ThinkPad T440£¨20B7S0NT0E£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6S01Y00£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6A050CD£©
    ThinkPad T440£¨20B6A06PCD£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6A06TCD£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6A0BCCD£©
    ThinkPad T440£¨20B6A03KCD£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6S00U00£© ThinkPad T440£¨20B6S02100).
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